Adapted from his eponymous book

A fifty-year-old Senegalese businessman decides to take a third wife. Struck with impotence, he cannot consummate his marriage and believes himself to be the victim of a curse, the "Xala."

A Senegalese businessman, El Hadj Abdoukader Beye, takes a third wife as a symbol of his social and economic success. However, on the wedding night, he cannot consummate the marriage as he has become impotent. He suspects his first two wives, unaware that he encounters the culprit every day.


Seune Samb (First wife), Myriam Niang (Daugther of El Hadji), Dyella Touré (Third wife), Younouss Seye (Second wife), Thierno Leye (El Hadji)


Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 1974 : Special Prize

  • Directing / Screenplay

    Sembene Ousmane

  • photography

    Georges Caristan

  • Original Score

    Samba Diabara Samb

  • Editing

    Florence Eymon

  • Production companies

    SNC - Société Nouvelle de Cinématographie, Filmi Doomireew Production

  • Technical information

    123 minutes - 1.66 - 35mm - Couleur - Mono

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