The arrival of a postal mandate from Paris disrupts the life of a Senegalese villager.

Ibrahim Dieng, a fifty-year-old Senegalese Muslim, a devout believer, husband of two wives, and father of seven children, highly respected by his parents and neighbors, one day experiences a stroke of fortune: his nephew, who works in Paris, sends him a postal mandate. Of course, the letter accompanying the mandate states that out of these twenty-five thousand CFA francs, Ibrahima must set aside twenty thousand for the nephew, give three thousand to his sister, and the remaining two thousand are for himself, Ibrahima Dieng. The news of the mandate spreads throughout the neighborhood...

There, the humble house is packed with beggars, parasites, and griots. Lavishing promises, generous with dreams, he incurs debts, hosts receptions, forgetting that the sum was entrusted to him. From dream to reality, everything becomes blurred in Ibrahima Dieng's world. Exploited, deceived, always naive, will the man undergo a transformation?


Makhouredia Gueye (Dieng), Younousse N'Diaye (The first wife), Isseu Niang (The second wife), Serigne Sow (L'Iman), Moustapha Touré (M'Barka), Medoune Faye (The mailman), Farba Sarr , Moussa Diouf, Thérèse Bass, Christophe N'Doulabia


Venice Film Festival 1968 : Special Jury Prize
BlackStar Film Festival 1973 : First Prize

  • Directing / Screenplay

    Sembene Ousmane

  • Photography

    Paul Soulignac

  • Editing

    Gilbert Kikoine

  • Production companies

    Filmi Domirev, C.F.F.P. - Comptoir Français du Film Production (Paris)

  • Technical information

    105 minutes - 1.66 - 35mm - Couleur - Mono

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