In the 17th century, Islam and Christianity spread throughout West Africa. After converting the royal family and the high dignitaries, the imam faced resistance from the ceddo warriors, who were unwilling to give up African spiritualism.

Somewhere in West Africa, in the 17th century, Islam and Christianity are attempting to penetrate a village community. For the Imam, all means are fair: after converting the royal family and high dignitaries, he usurps the throne and enforces forced conversions. He then faces the "Ceddos," common people led by Princess Dior Yacine. These resistors refuse to adhere to a foreign religion or abandon African spiritualism.


Tabara Ndiaye (Princess Dior), Alioune Fall (The Imam), Moustapha Yade (Madir Fatim Fall), Mamadou Ndiaye Diagne (The kidnapper), Ousmane Camara (Farba Diogo May), Oumar Gueye (Jaraaf), Mamadou Dioum (Biram Ngone Tioub), Matoura Dia (The King), Nar Sene, Makhouredia Gueye, Ousmane Sembene, Marek Tollik, Eloi Coly, Pierre Orma


AFI Los Angeles International Film Festival 1976 : Special Prize

  • Directing / Screenplay

    Sembene Ousmane

  • Photography

    Georges Caristan

  • Original Score

    Manu Dibango

  • Editing

    Florence Eymon, Dominique Blain

  • Production companies

    Filmi Doomireew Production

  • Technical information

    111 minutes - 1.66 - 35mm - Couleur - Mono

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